The Swiss Cheese Brain Effect and Cheesecake Emporium...(or how I learned to live with and accept FASD with RJ and Mustang Annie)


Ann Kagarise

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Living with FASD is a journey! We live and breathe this thing. We just had a discussion on boundaries and fight or flight. This is a very sensitive topic and the only way to handle it is to be real. Going into a fight or flight mode is something we have always known. FREEZE is another one that I know I go into all the time. Whenever I go into an environment that I do not feel comfortable, I go into an instant shutdown mode. My functions start to slow down and it is hard to process the world around me. How do I set up boundaries so I feel safe? I know that my past has told me that I am not good at this. I know that I need to have safeties in place, just going into a store. Scripting is one I have used. Having exit strategies is a very good one. Boundaries are a blur to me and if my structure is removed, I instantly start to go into panic mode. I do not know what to do and I don't trust my environment, even if it is one that I'm normally comfortable. Moving has helped me. Going into shutdown is not a great place to be. If I just get up, move around the room, grab my camera to start taking pictures (my passion and comfort) then I can start coming ALIVE again. Being present and being able to make our own healthy boundaries is so crucial to being vulnerable. Listen to our latest podcast to find out more about what we have learned about living with FASD.